3C Relationship Roadmap

The holy grail deep-dive into your goals and identity, your partner’s goals and identity, and your vision as a couple.

Throughout this couple’s coaching program, you will uncover patterns and mindsets that impact your personal and relational growth and gain stills and conversations to expand. You and your partner will both receive 1-on-1 sessions yielding a personal roadmap describing values, goals, personality traits, and areas of focus for personal and relational growth. As a couple, you will also receive a roadmap for your collective goals, patterns, and skills to focus on. We will use these roadmaps in our coaching sessions to grow your communication skills, connection points, and confidence, empowering you to have a stronger relationship with yourselves and one another.


This is for you if you have…

A vision for your personal growth and dreams

A desire to grow alongside your partner, your BFF, your teammate

A commitment to living your best life possible

A desire to show up fully and confidently for yourself, your partner, and your child(ren)

An excitement inside of you about how fun this life can be

You’re ready to…

Communicate with so much clarity that people ask how you work so well together

Spend more time nearly peeing your pants laughing with your partner.

Kick the inner-critic to the curb and let your inner badass shine

Curate a beautiful life for your family that inspires you to wake up each day and fully live.

What is included:

3 months of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions

Customized roadmap for you, your partner, and your relationship

Access to the Keeping the Spark video vault 

Access to any additional trainings or workshops in your 3-month time

Optional add-on: In-person VIP Day

*Payment plans available upon request

FAQ about Couple’s Coaching with 3C Relationship Roadmapping

Q: Do me and my partner have to attend each session together? (This might be hard with childcare/scheduling.

A: Nope! We can build the schedule together, but usually I meet on this rotation-
Week 1: Partner A
Week 2: Partner B
Week 3: Both partners
Week 4: Partner A…. (You get the pattern.)

This means that both partners get individual time on the topic at hand and you also get time to come together and integrate your learnings and new skills. Additionally, this means it is only every 3 weeks that you are meeting together (and usually for parents this means every 3 weeks we have a different/later time)

Q: How is this different from couple’s therapy?

A: There are really important and respectable things about both therapy and coaching, but there are differences in the approach, process, and outcome goals. While some people see couple’s therapy as a last resort, I want you to think or relationship coaching as maintenance for your relationship. Just like you would get an oil change, you need to check-in and get new skills in a new season of your life.

Additionally, my coaching is very forward and goal focused. You will leave each session with tangible ways to apply our discoveries and how it moves you towards your future goals. Some may say that therapy helps you figure out why you are the way you are and how your past has formed that. Coaching is about figuring out where you are, where you want to be, and what you can do to move to that goal version of yourself and your relationship.

Q: What if I am very interested but my partner is resistant?

A: I see this often and respect the understanding and needs of both you and your partner.

Do not wait on your partner to take care of YOU and your growth. If your partner isn’t ready, that’s okay. It is still super valuable for you to find the space for your needs and your personal growth and expansion. In these scenarios, I start with working solely with you in individual coaching sessions. Sometimes the partner gets interested because of how they see you grow. Sometimes we bring the partner in for a couple of sessions to support you and your goals. Sometimes the partners remain disinterested, but you find the freedom and pride of not staying stuck with them.

(If you are interested in solo coaching, many things are similar, but you can see more direct information on Momma’s Identity Facelift Coaching)