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I help moms and couples have real growth in the parenthood journey. I help you have a FULL life, not just one that looks a certain way on the outside.

Chelsea: New Mom Coach Owner, The WTF Trimester

You’ve tried meet-ups.
You’ve joined mom groups.
You’ve asked your siblings and cousins why no one prepared you for the shifts in your identity and relationship after baby.

You’re not doing it wrong.
You’re not a bad parent.
You’re not a bad partner.
It’s just that these shifts are tough,
and no one wants to get real about them.

But together, we will.

I took my relationship from on the rocks to rocking together.

I found my voice, my truth, and what it means to live a full life as a mom, a partner, and a woman. I’ve helped over a hundred couples reignite the partnership and spark and grow together again.

Parenthood is the perfect place and time to grow and expand as an individual and a team.

Take it from:

  • Colette who prepared for her second baby with intentional teamwork, conversations, and strategies with her husband
  • Josie who learned how to prioritize her own self needs in order to show up fully for her whole family
  • Lisa who experienced an increased connection and decrease in petty arguments
  • Sarah who learned how to use more teamwork in her marriage to feel liess overwhelmed
  • Chelsea who finally felt more emotionally and mentally connected to her husband
  • Lauren who was able to peel back layers of mindsets and patterns she didn’t know were holding her back
  • Amy who was able to get clarity on what is most important for her and her family

    “Every women and couple should have this after having a baby.”

I remember exactly where I was when I thought to myself “I’m either going to become a single mother or I have to figure out how to make this marriage better. I remember when I punched the wall and screamed “I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

All of this was in the midst of having a beautiful new baby boy. I loved him. I was so thankful. And yet, I felt broken and lost. I had prepared for all the ways to make motherhood LOOK Pinterest-perfect, but I had no idea the challenges I would face with my identity and relationship.

These moments pressed me to get more vulnerable and authentic with others. To share. To learn from others. To stop putting up a facade. Through this tough season, I found more of myself, stronger communication skills, and an understanding of my husband that wasn’t based on what I thought it “should be” to “look good.”

As a psychology and sociology major, a previous educator, and a certified professional life coach, I have been able to walk other women and couples through the dark season and find their own true values, teamwork, and confidence.

Every day I continue this uncomfortable work because I know the power of opening up, receiving support and insight, and blossoming through the winter season.

Motherhood & Relationship
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