Interactive Workshop: Improving Your Communication As Parent and Partners

Thursday June 30th OR Sunday July 10th
*You select which session to attend

Good Communication is Sexy.

In this interactive workshop. you will enjoy a playful but effective approach to growing in your communication skills after having a baby.

I’ll be walking you through with reflection practices, stop-and-chat prompts (you can be on mute, don’t worry), and skills to try as a couple.

You will learn together:
-How your personality and communication styles impact the relationship
-Why your get caught in the same argument patterns
-What your most important personal and family values are
-How to center your communication around values, respect, and teamwork

What to expect:

  • We will spend 90 minutes together in this workshop.
  • Prior to the workshop, you will receive your workbook which you will use to take notes and document your take-aways from the workshop
  • Throughout the workshop, I will present you with information and ideas. We will use “Stop and chats” for you and your partner to discuss the topic.
  • There will be times where participants can share with the group and engage more group discussion (but you are under no pressure to share if you do not want to )
  • Following the workshop, you will get a 15 minute follow up call with me to get any further clarification and personalized support


This is for you if you have…

A desire to address the biggest frustrations in your relationship

A longing to feel more connected with your partner as a teammate and lover

A mindset of living life to the fullest with the family you adore

A yearning to work more seamlessly and joyfully together

An excitement inside of you about how fun your relationship can be again

You’re ready to…

Overcome longstanding patterns that have left you frustrated.

Address the resentments, disconnects, and changes your relationship has been through.

Have more laughter and dance parties as a family.

Know that each day you have a kick@ss teammate you are doing this life with.

Can you imagine a better understanding, a sweeter connection, and an upgrade to your relationship?

If so, this workshop is for you.

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