Marriage Uncovered: Couple’s Growth Coaching

The holy grail deep-dive into your goals and identity, your partner’s goals and identity, and your vision as a couple.

Marriage uncovered is a 3-month journey where you get to intimately know, love, and grow yourself as individuals and a couple through the transitions that parenthood brings. The weekly curriculum and workbook are built to help you think through the most impactful parts of your journey, including taboo topics. Our weekly discussions allow you to outwardly express yourself, hear from your partner in a structured environment, get outside perspective and insight, and curate your life in ways that are more aligned with your truest values and goals as a couple as individuals.

You may choose to participate in Marriage Uncovered through a small group experience or a personal 1-on-1 coaching experience.

Small groups: In the small group setting, enjoy the stories and shares of other couples just like you. Realize you are not alone, none of this is too taboo, and that as new parents we are meant for community growth. Each week you will complete your workbook reflections on your own time, and show up for the weekly call ready to share, listen, support, and get new ideas from one another. Groups begin quarterly and run for 12 weeks together. Group sessions are offered Wednesday evenings or Thursday afternoons (per EST).

1-on-1 coaching: A 1-on-1 model is available for those who prefer to uncover the highs, lows, and grows of motherhood in an individual space. In this model, you receive more specific feedback and insight into your personal journey. Each week you will complete your workbook reflections on your own time, and show up for our weekly coaching session ready to share, process, and get new ideas from Chelsea. 1-on-1 spots begin as schedule space allows and are available for morning, afternoon, or evening weekly sessions.


This is for you if you have…

A vision for your personal growth and dreams

A desire to grow alongside your partner, your BFF, your teammate

A commitment to living your best life possible

A desire to show up fully and confidently for yourself, your partner, and your child(ren)

An excitement inside of you about how fun this life can be

You’re ready to…

Communicate with so much clarity that people ask how you work so well together

Spend more time nearly peeing your pants laughing with your partner.

Kick the inner critic to the curb and let your inner badass shine

Curate a beautiful life for your family that inspires you to wake up each day and fully live.

What is included:

3 months of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions

Workbook with weekly reflection prompts for you and your partner

Customized roadmap for you, your partner, and your relationship
(at the end of the 3 months)

Access to the Keeping the Spark video vault 

Access to any additional pieces of training or workshops in your 3-month time

Optional add-on: In-person VIP Day

3 Months, 3 Stages of growth

Month 1 (Weeks 1-4): Setting the Stage and Overcoming the Past

Month 2 (Weeks 5-8): Improving the Present with Insight and Strategy
Month 3 (Weeks 9-12): Setting the Stage for a Successful Future


Week 1: Braindump, Mindset, and Group Rhythms.

This week we will each go through the practice of a brain dump so that you can start to move thoughts from lingering in your head to out in a space that they can be worked with. Chelsea will take your brain dump thoughts and weave them into the rest of the curriculum for future discussions. We also learn the group rhythms and mindset required to get the most out of this group SO THAT you can use these 3 months as a powerful, transformative time of personal & relationship growth. 

Week 2: Foundational Beliefs about Parenthood and Partnership 

This week we will explore when, where, why, and how you developed your foundational beliefs around being a parent and a partner. We will discuss your family upbringing, cultural norms, society images, and relationship with your own parent figures. We do this SO THAT you can uncover any subconscious ideas that are currently driving your choices and mindsets and choose what foundational beliefs are serving you now and what you want to adjust for a future more aligned with you. 

Week 3: Expectations & Reality: Lament, Resent, Love 

This week we get real about what you expected this season to look like and what your reality is. We will make space to lament the things that are different or challenging. We will explore resentment towards your partner, your baby, your friends, etc. SO THAT you can uncover how that is impacting your self-talk and relationships. And, we will discuss the things you love (expectedly or not!) about who you are as a parent, partner, and individual.

Week 4: Silence the Noise– Get Clear About YOUR Relationship & Personal Goals 

This week we will look at all of the places noise is coming in and interrupting the flow of your home and relationship. We will look at where you have developed ideas about how it “should” be and what “shoulds” are not serving you and your family. We will dig into your shared family values and what you want to lead your family with SO THAT you can more easily make decisions together that align with what you want and not what the outside noise is saying.

Week 5: Communication Styles

This week we will figure out how you and your partner do or do not approach communication in the same way and how to make shifts to respect each other while still making decisions and progress together. We will learn about internal and external processing styles as well as areas to move to more proactive vs. reactive communication. We will discuss and strategize SO THAT you can have fewer arguments and more conversation that leads to the outcomes and connection you desire.

Week 6: Enneagram at Play

This week we will work with the enneagram, which is an ancient tool that highlights personality styles and core needs. During this week, we will discover your enneagram types and dig into how those types play with one another. We will learn more about your needs, what drives you, and the way you are most naturally affirmed and feel appreciated. We will learn about yourself and your partner SO THAT you can have more mutual understanding and respect and see how you can work together given your unique personality.

Week 7: Love Styles and Desired Connection

This week we use the concept of love styles to uncover how you most naturally give and receive love and how that does or does not match up with your partner. We will explore ways to provide love in the way your partner needs and to advocate for the love you need. We will outline desired connections from one another SO THAT there is less guessing and less resentment for unmet needs and, instead, more meaningful connection even in a season of less time and energy available.

Week 8: Boundaries for Family and Friends

This week we use our values and our goals to discuss how and when to establish boundaries to protect your personal and family energy. We will discuss the topics of family, friends, and outside expectations. We will identify boundaries you want to set and a framework for creating boundaries in the future. We have the uncomfortable conversation now SO THAT you and your partner can be a united front who enjoys family and friends while protecting the energy that is best for you and your home.

Week 9: Identifying Unfilled Personal & Relational Buckets 

This week we will work together to discover what the unfilled buckets are in your life as individuals and as a couple. As you enter parenthood and go through identity transitions, there are often parts of yourself and your connection together that feel neglected. These unmet needs can come out as anger, resentment, self-criticism, and more. We will find what this is for you SO THAT you can build structure and support in your life to allow you to start pouring into that bucket again and be your fullest selves. 

Week 10: Home and Family Management Strategies 

This week we explore examples of strategies in and out of the home that allow you to work together with all of the moving pieces. Just like a business cannot experience growth and celebrate success without systems and processes, your relationship needs the same. We will look at the needs in your home, look at the energy and resources available, and develop more strategies you can use now and move forward SO THAT you can move beyond the daily ruts and into a more expansive experience together.

Week 11: Sex, Play & Beyond

This week we add in some spice of fun. We will discuss ways you can bring more play into your relationship after having your teamwork and emotional connection fulfilled. We will learn each of your turn-on needs, discuss creative ways to get sexy even with a baby around, and bring more laughter and play into the relationship SO THAT you can enjoy the fun sexy side of one another again.

Week 12: Strategies for Continual Growth

This week we wrap up our time together by practicing strategies for ongoing growth. We will explore self-regulation, mindfulness, and effective goal setting. You will apply what you’ve discovered over the course of our time together and create the confidence to continue this inner and outer work going forward SO THAT you can continue to blossom and enjoy your fullest life. 

Pricing packages:

1-on-2 Coaching (You and Your Partner)
One-time payment of $1660
Monthly payment of $555 (3 months)
VIP Add-On Day: Please inquire, prices range based on travel and accommodations

Group coaching
One-time payment of $999
Monthly payment of $333 (3 months)
VIP Add-On Day: Please inquire, prices range based on travel and accommodations

So, are you ready to experience more in your relationship than you ever have before?

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